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Death, Life, Angels, and A Cat

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ArchmichaelThe cycles and changes in life never cease to amaze me! We get to love, hold on, let go, feel pain, feel joy, feel peace - and breathe and trust! I am experiencing and seeing more changes and shifts right now than I have in a long time. I sense this is part of our Winter Solstice, and the energy around December 21, 2012.

What a month this has been! My dear friend Lisa died peacefully in her home, with her mother and sister by her side, on Tuesday, November 27. She was 58. I was honored to spend time with her the week before, and the Sunday and Monday before her passing. On Monday, the night before she died, there was so much light and love and ... READ MORE

Is It Mine?

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Open Door MediumI wrote this article before the November election, when there was alot of stress, anger, and fear in the group energy. Now we are into the winter holiday time - another time when people seem to feel stressed and at times angry. This time of year, I often feel others' loneliness, or their sadness about not being able to afford what they want to give others, their stress about wanting to please and take care of loved ones, etc.

A big question I often ask myself and my clients is "Is it yours??". Just because you are feeling off-center, does not mean it is "yours". The group energy is bigger than your personal energy, and you can be affected by the group energy. So, the ... READ MORE

How to Get Happier

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Smiling Dog ImgMy sister shared something very interesting with me a while ago - she said that she sometimes asks herself How would I be feeling and thinking if I was in the vortex? And then she consciously chooses to shift her attitude and step into the vortex! WOW! What a concept!

So, whats a vortex? It is the word that Abraham-Hicks (one of my favorite teachers) uses to describe being in a state of well-being, being in alignment, being happy, being connected to who we really are, being in the zone - you get the picture.

So, what would you be thinking if you were in the vortex? When I ask myself this, it is almost like I take a step to the side, a step into my vortex - and ... READ MORE

Reiki is Aloha

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Img 0232I am still basking in the glow of having spent two lovely weeks in Hawaii with my sister Chris. We stayed in a wonderful ocean-front condo just south of Kona on the Big Island. We relaxed, read fun novels, swam and snorkeled almost every day, visited the volcano, a coffee farm, a chocolate farm, and swam with dolphins! Photos are here

There is something about Hawaii - the soft warm air, the sweet smells, the luscious fruit, the warm water. I adore it. Floating weightlessly in the water with my mask and snorkel is one of my favorite activities - which is much more about being than doing - being supported, allowing the water to carry me, watching and enjoying the ... READ MORE

Stop Being A Vacuum Cleaner Bag!

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When you lose touch with your inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.   Eckhart Tolle

How many of us grew up in less than happy homes? As children we remembered, for awhile, who we really were, but we thought that Archmichael(unconsciously, of course) if I just vacuum all this unhappiness up, and deal with it later, then everyone will be happy? And, I remember who I am, so I can handle it.

The problem was that we vacuumed up all the unhappiness, thinking the family would be happier - but they werent! They stayed unhappy! But now you are carrying around their unhappiness in your ... READ MORE

Life in Paradox: Loving and Letting Go

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In our Western culture, we are raised to believe that the world is black or white, good or bad, up or down... This is the literal, linear world that we think we live in.

However, the longer I dance in the world of energy and healing and spirit, the more I realize everything is paradox - everything is up and down, black and white, good and bad. We are physical and spiritual. Yin and Yang.

Earlier this year, I wrote about a dear friend of mine, Lisa Saubolle, who was diagnosed with cancer that had spread to multiple places in her spine. What a journey we are on! She recently signed up with Hospice, needs 24-hour care, and desperately wanted ... READ MORE

What Do You Really Really Love?

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Flowwaterclose260I was listening to a Live Internet Broadcast of the Abraham-Hicks Workshop in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I love these teachings, and even though they basically say the same thing over and over, I always get something new. That morning I got how to be in alignment and be in the flow in a whole new way. Nothing new was said, I just heard it differently. And, as a result, I am feeling a whole new level of appreciation for my life, my work, my healthy body... and a whole new confidence in the law of attraction and life supporting me in amazing ways.

During the workshop, a man was asking about his career. Abraham has such a brilliant way of helping ... READ MORE