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What Do You Really Really Love?

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Flowwaterclose260I was listening to a Live Internet Broadcast of the Abraham-Hicks Workshop in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I love these teachings, and even though they basically say the same thing over and over, I always get something new. That morning I got how to be in alignment and be in the flow in a whole new way. Nothing new was said, I just heard it differently. And, as a result, I am feeling a whole new level of appreciation for my life, my work, my healthy body... and a whole new confidence in the law of attraction and life supporting me in amazing ways.

During the workshop, a man was asking about his career. Abraham has such a brilliant way of helping ... READ MORE

Healing is Teaching, and Teaching is Healing

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Watercirclessparkles260I have been a student of Abraham-Hicks for years. And, for years I have wondered what to call "healing". Because, if you get sort of picky or literal about the Law of Attraction, the word "healing" implies that something is wrong. I was delighted during the Abraham Panama Canal Cruise (March 13 - 23, 2011) when Abraham was asked about healing. Here is a transcript of what was shared:

Whenever someone says to us I aspire to be a healer or I am a healer, we like to say we really really really like the word teacher/healer, teacher/healer, teacher/healer because everyone who is out of balance in terms of their physical body, and therefore what they would ... READ MORE

Love Wave

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Pinkwhite RoseI have been in the midst of a love wave for the past week, and I am in awe. You can read my blog about my friend Lisa who had been having health problems. On January 25, she called 911, and has been in the hospital since then. A few days after being admitted, she was told she has cancer in her bones, which caused many fractures and other serious health problems. The first week was a process of tests and more tests, and just trying to get her pain and breathing under control. I was at the hospital alot doing energy healing and offering support.
On February 3, I started a website for Lisa on Another friend posted on a chat group that Lisa had been very ... READ MORE

When You Get the Worst Possible News: LOVE!

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Hand Of Light BannerI have a dear friend who I have known since 1997 when she took her first Reiki class with me. Since then, she has taken all of my classes, helped me to teach some of them, helped me when I coordinated workshops for Rosalyn Bruyere, traveled to Greece with me in 1999.. We have been friends a long time.

In the past few months, her health / mobility became increasingly challenged. She thought she had pulled a muscle in her back - and over time it became too painful for her to get in and out of her car, or go up and down her stairs, lay flat in her bed, or sit up. When I spoke with her about two weeks ago, she was unable to sit or stand, and ... READ MORE